Throughout the day, children are engaged in the following activities:

Every morning children enter into the classroom - not to be told what to do by the teacher, but to choose an activity of their liking. Educational centers include drama, art, building blocks, manipulatives, science and mathematics. Each center is designed to foster physical and emotional development, encourage creativity and promote problem-solving and social skills.

During circle time students gather with their teacher for interactive discussions on the current theme. Children are asked questions and given the opportunity to express their ideas and feelings with the class.

The outdoors offers many opportunities for teaching children in a natural setting. Realizing that a young child's work is play can help teachers think about how to make outdoor play a learning experience that offers children multiple benefits. They receive fresh air, enjoy physical exercise and learn important developmental skills, such as fine and gross motor skills and social skills, in a fun environment.

PlayBall is a unique and specialized, age-appropriate sports coaching program, which teaches physical competence, life skills and school readiness skills to our students. Internationally recognized for its innovation and positive outcomes, the program is progressive in nature - starting with basic movement patterns for the younger children and progressing to sports drills for the older ones. Our students learn skills for Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer and Field-hockey while further developing their sharing, taking turns, listening, empathy, and teamwork traits.

Preschoolers love to garden. Their natural curiosity about the world around them makes it easy to expose them to this fascinating and educational medium. Our students have planted and now maintain a flourishing butterfly garden adjacent our outdoor creative play area. Classroom plants as well as seasonal gardening projects are also part of our weekly gardening class.

Our classrooms are equipped with musical instruments and opportunities for children to explore rhythm and song. The Early Childhood music selection includes popular children’s songs and classical music as well as instrumental, Hebrew and holiday music. Music is regularly incorporated with art and learning. Students will paint to the music and will experience the sounds and music of nature and of the world around us.

The children will have an opportunity to explore their creativity using a variety of art media. Paints (including tempera, watercolors and biocolors), markers, crayons, colored pencils, tape, glue, scissors, glitter and felt are a few of the myriad of materials the children will experiment with in the classroom. It is important to remember that it is the process, not the finished product, that matters! We want your children to feel proud of their creations!