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Need help running your website? Want to Create a new website? My services include, but are not limited to:

Shneur Novack
(904) 234 0620

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  • Web Page Design

  • Website Upkeep (Update Your Website and Keep it Accurate and Modern)

  • Forms (Donation, RSVP, Email Subscriptions etc.)

  • Website optimization 

  • Create a New Website

  • Add a Blog To Your Website

  • Add a Favicon To Your Website

ChabadOne Exclusive

  • Create a Custom Communicator Template

  • Create a Custom Mini Site (If Available)

  • Create ChabadOne CRM Connected Forms (If CRM is Available)

  • Connect Your Facebook to Your Site (Facebook Albums, Facebook Feed)

Chabad Suite Exclusive

  • Create Chabad Suite CRM Connected Forms (If CRM is Available)

Wix Exclusive 

(These Also May Be Available For Other Website Providers)

  • Create a Custom Template for Your website

  • Connect Your Social Media to Your Site (Feeds, Buttons, etc.)

  • Add a Blog to Your Website

  • Add Event Registration

  • Create a login system (for Blogs, Event Registration, Subscriptions, etc.)

  • Create login Only Pages

  • Create Password Protected Pages

  • Add a Forum to Your Website

Full List Of Website Providers I Work With:

  • ChabadOne

  • Chabad Suite

  • Wix

  • Weebly

  • Squarespace

  • GoDaddy

  • WordPress (With Exceptions)

  • Webnode

Use a Website Provider That's Not on This List? Contact Me

Rabbi Shmuly Feldman

Chabad of Clay County

"I highly recommend Shneur Novack for your website. We were very happy with his work! He is highly knowledgeable, responsible, prompt and professional."

Rabbi Shmuli Novack

Chabad of Southside and the Town Center

"Shneur does great work! His designs are fresh and clean and have elicited much positive feedback. Most importantly he communicates well and is very responsive."


Fees $18/hour

Examples Of My Work

ChabadOne Example

Jewish Clay County.PNG

Chabad Suite Example

Chabad West Delray.PNG

WIX Example

Chabad UNF.PNG

Shneur Novack - Web Services

Shneur Novack
(904) 234 0620

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